Norwegian energy expert: Lithuania, you are incredible

Karen Sund
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“Lithuania, you are incredible. No one had believed that this [construction of the LNG terminal] would happen,” Karen Sund, founder of Norwegian energy consultancy company Sund Energy, said.

She jokes that talks about building LNG terminals are plentiful, but usually remain just talks.

“Everyone talks about LNG terminals, everyone wants them, but everyone said this would never happen,” Sund said at an energy conference on Monday.

She notes that Finalnd has been talking about building one since 1968.

“Lithuania has shown that constructing an LNG terminal is not that expensive or scary,” she said.

The main advantage of an LNG terminal, she says, is that it allows to import gas from any part of the world.

“Countries that had not even thought of using gas, can now do it,” she says. “Liquefied gas takes up less volume and is easy to transport.”

Moreover, LNG terminals allows for global prices in natural gas markets – something that also seemed impossible just a few decades ago.

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