Justinas Marcinkevičius. Pauliaus Lileikio nuotr.

“National conscience” Marcinkevičius stirs emotions, national debate from beyond the grave

Diverging views on poetry has become an issue of a heated debate on history and censorship after Lithuania’s minister of defence denied a state award to an author whose analysis of the Soviet past did not match the minister’s own opinion. At the centre of the controversy is the poet Justinas Marcinkevičius whose name, for many, is synonymous with the country’s independence movement. […]

Saint Petersburg
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St. Petersburg Lithuanians already preparing for 100th anniversary of Lithuanian state

The Consulate of Lithuania and the Lithuanian community in St. Petersburg are already preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian state, in 2018. […]

Tautiška giesmė pasklido po pasaulį

Historian Nikžentaitis: Singing Lithuania’s national anthem across the globe is good basis for establishing dual citizenship

Lithuania knows the exact day when it became part of Europe. That was on 6 July 1253, when Duke Mindaugas, shortly after having accepted baptism, was crowned by the Pope of Rome the king of still largely pagan lands. The 6 of July is now celebrated as Lithuania’s Statehood Day and although its a holiday of recent vintage (it was not observed before the 1990s), it already involves a tradition. Each 6 July, Lithuanians in the country and abroad join in the singing of the national anthem. […]

Seimo rūmai

Lithuanian parliament marks 95th anniversary of Constituent Seimas

At its plenary sitting, the Seimas of Lithuania marked the 95th anniversary of the Constituent Seimas on Friday. Loreta Graužinienė, the speaker of the Seimas, pointed out that the Constituent Seimas was the first representative of the Lithuanian nation that had its first democratic, universal and direct elections. […]

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Lithuanian foreign minister thanks Iceland for courage in 1991

At the bilateral meeting on 10 March in Vilnius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius expressed his gratitude to Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson for his country’s courageous action – recognition of Lithuania’s independence on 11 February 1991. In June, this event will be commemorated in Vilnius by civic campaign Thank You, Iceland, Lithuanian MFA reports. […]

Lithuanian 11 March Independence Day event in Luxembourg. Photo by Ramūnas Astrauskas
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Lithuanians in Luxembourg celebrate 25th independence anniversary

On 11 March, Lithuania’s 25-year anniversary of restored independence was celebrated in Luxembourg. Numerous guests that included Luxembourg officials, public figures, diplomats, representatives of EU institutions in Luxembourg and almost 200 Lithuanian community members gathered in cultural center “Tramsschapp” to commemorate this special occasion. […]


Lithuania’s 25 independence anniversary: president calls for unity in face of new threats

As Lithuania marks the 25th anniversary of its independence restoration on Wednesday, President Dalia Grybauskaitė called on Lithuanians to unite in the wake of new threats. […]