One in ten households in Lithuania financially better off than a month ago

All in all, people’s opinions on household finances have not changed. Based on a survey commissioned by ELTA news agency and carried out on 14-24 November by public opinion and market research company Baltijos Tyrimai, 11 percent of respondents said that their household’s financial situation had improved. It constitutes a 1-percent increase compared with October.

Meanwhile 38 percent of the polled indicated that their household’s financial situation had worsened, whereas a month ago and in November 2013 the figure stood at 34 percent. Another 50 percent said they did not notice any changes, a 5-percent drop since October and 2-percent drop since November 2013.

People had a similar viewpoint on the financial situation of the state. Sixteen percent of the polled claimed to have noticed positive changes, 42 percent said the situation had not improved, while 39 percent said that the economic situation in Lithuania had gotten worse.

Compared with October 2014, the number of optimists increased 2 percent and the number of pessimists decreased 1 percent. More pessimistic than others were respondents older than 30, residents of rural areas and people with the monthly income below LTL 1,500 (EUR 434).

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