One of the most well-known places in Vilnius has shut down: have a look what’s new and how it looks now

Peruvian restaurant Pachamama
DELFI / Modesta Meškė

A new opened restaurant is the only ”dinner club” concept in the Lithuania and serves organic daily business lunch alongside a la carte dinner which later on dives into a festive party.

The restaurants’ kitchen will be run by two Swedish chefs – Michael and Peter. Both the chefs were so fascinated by Lithuania that they decided to stay here and create world-renowned Peruvian cuisine for their guests in Pachamama. During the opening party, chefs were surprising guests with Peruvian and Japanese food fusion – Nikkei – were cooked. The guests were able to taste and experience croutons, flavors and tiger shrimp snacks with chipotle pepper mayonnaise, chop sticks with chorizo ​​sausage, Malibu sorbet with mango fruit and other exclusive cuisine and try traditional Peruvian cocktails.

“If I ask what Peru is associated with, most would probably name only the city of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu, although this country is proud of the status of the best culinary trend in the world for the sixth time in a row. In 2017, in ”World Travel Awards” Peru has outweighed countries such as Argentina, Australia, Italy, France, India, Mexico or USA showing that Peru is discovered not only because of the natural beauty and cultural heritage, but also due to the gastronomic experiences that the locals create from simple but flavorful riches of its land.

Not only is one of the deities most worshiped there, goddess Pachamama, who is responsible for the fertility and well-being of the Peruvian soil and its inhabitants, it has the power and stifling of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies. Natural gifts are part of her favor, so the Peruvians know that the Goddesses does not want to wrest disregard for food and the goodies of the land – in Peruvian kitchen you will not find yourself without love and a poorly prepared meal. This is the philosophy and idea of respecting food we want to spread here in Lithuania, “said Tatjana Juščiuvienė, founder of the restaurant” Pachamama “.

According to her, the new restaurant is a place where attention is focused on the taste of food, rather than on its description, where live communication and long sittings are appreciated. “We want the daily rush to disappear here, so that people will once again begin to appreciate the naturalness of the dish, bring back the long dinners and socializing at the dinner table and not through social media. We hope that people will choose to taste and discover the various Peruvian flavors of our kitchen chefs, and dine over dancing until the parity, so we will wait for everyone whose dance is second language. Passionate, wild when moving not only the legs, but the whole body which then merges into one flashing pulsating rhythm “, – said the restaurant’s founder Tatjana Juščiuvienė.

In the new restaurant, DELFI Food offers a look at the interior of the restaurant, created by exclusive interior designers “YES design”.
The genuine interior design of the restaurant is made up of carved carpets, stone-dyed walls and Peruvian tapestries on the floor, as well as hand-made luminaires and long-lived exotic branches, which provide a cozy and mysterious atmosphere.

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