Only active farmers to receive direct payments next year, Lithuanian Agriculture Ministry says

Payments will be distributed for the area declared, under greening and young farmers’ schemes, coupled aid and for the first hectares, as well as support for livestock and plants.

“In the previous 2007-2013 period, direct payment totalled LTL 6.5 billion (EUR 1.9 billion), whereas in 2014-2020 direct payment to Lithuanian farmers has been increased to LTL 11.2 billion (EUR 3.2 billion),” said Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitienė.

After 2015 only active farmers will be eligible for direct payments from the European Union. Greening requirements will also enter into effect.

Greening means that crops have to be diversified. Those who own more than 10 hectares of agricultural land have to grow at least two different types of crops, whereas those who have more than 30 hectares – more than 3 different cultures.

Single payment for agricultural land including greening payment will amount to LTL 352 per hectare (EUR 102), payment for the first 30 hectares – LTL 161 (EUR 47), payment to young farmers – LTL 159 (EUR 46). Single payment for agricultural land area, including greening and payment for the first hectares will stand at LTL 513 per hectare (EUR 149). Meanwhile payment for land area including greening, first hectares’ and young farmers’ payment will total LTL 672 (EUR 195) per hectare.

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