Only one in five real estate brokers pass recently introduced certification

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DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

Only one in five candidates pass the test to become certified real estate brokers, a certification introduced in Lithuania in April.

“In Lithuania, there is no legal regulation of the competencies needed to work as a real estate broker. It is no secret that now anyone can work as a broker, which is very bad for the prestige of the profession. We wanted to create a standard that would allow to evaluate the qualifications. Partly it is good that not everyone could pass the exam. That was the goal – to certify only the people who know their job,” said Lithuanian Real Estate Agencies Association (LNTAA) director Rimas Kirdulis.

Only 250 brokers have the certificates and the full list is available on the website of LNTAA. So far, only members of the association can attempt to get the certificate. At present, the association consists of 21 real estate agencies which employ about 750 brokers.

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