Lithuanian proptech startup acquisition: PINGIN.SPACE to invest in FLANCO platform

Pingin.Space, a Lithuanian startup offering the real estate market automation of a large part of routine commercial building management activities, is investing in Flanco, a startup offering smart management solutions for office spaces and specific […]


Office rent trends – it’s already worth preparing for

The pandemic that struck at the beginning of last year and the resultant demand for remote work sparked discussions on the future of office rent trends – what will they be like in the post-pandemic […]


How much should you earn to afford a new apartment in the centre of Vilnius?

A new apartment in a nice location in Vilnius is no longer a privilege affordable to people with a high level of income only. A two-person family earning an average salary in Vilnius can afford […]

Vitas Vasiliauskas

Central Bank’s Chairman: temperature in the real estate marker is rising

“The conducted analysis of the 2016 real estate marked by us revealed that while in the beginning of the year house prices increased by 3 pct. nearing the end of the year the number reached […]