How much should you earn to afford a new apartment in the centre of Vilnius?

A new apartment in a nice location in Vilnius is no longer a privilege affordable to people with a high level of income only. A two-person family earning an average salary in Vilnius can afford […]

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Central Bank’s Chairman: temperature in the real estate marker is rising

“The conducted analysis of the 2016 real estate marked by us revealed that while in the beginning of the year house prices increased by 3 pct. nearing the end of the year the number reached […]

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Lithuanians spend more on housing than Latvians and Estonians

A survey shows that Lithuanians tend to spend more on homes than people in the other two Baltic countries. Forty-seven percent of Lithuanians prefer living in flats, 34% would choose to live in a cottage […]

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Only one in five real estate brokers pass recently introduced certification

Only one in five candidates pass the test to become certified real estate brokers, a certification introduced in Lithuania in April. “In Lithuania, there is no legal regulation of the competencies needed to work as […]