Laisvės al. 55, for sale

KTU will organise public auctions for 5 buildings in Kaunas centre

Lithuanian Government has permitted Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) to sell 5 more unused real estate objects in Kaunas city centre. The buildings, which belong to the State and are being held in trust by the University, will be sold in public auctions. The first of the auctions is planned in October 2018. The funds will be invested into improving study infrastructure. […]


Housing ‘more affordable’ in Vilnius despite skyrocketing prices

With housing prices having been on the rise for the past five years, demand has kept pace. According to Head of Valuation & Analysis for Ober-Haus Saulius Vagonis and chief economist for Swedbank Nerijus Mačiulis, […]


Swedish housing bubble ‘would not cause crisis in Lithuania’

Burst of the real estate bubble in Sweden would not induce a major financial crisis in Lithuania or the Baltic states, despite their exposure to Scandinavian banking, says Morten Hansen, head of Stockholm School of […]


New bubble brewing in Lithuania’s real estate market?

Record-low interest rates and employees’ confidence about their financial future have been heating the Lithuanian real estate market. […]