Order and Justice party nominates TV producer Skaisgirys to run for Vilnius mayor

Rolandas Skaisgirys
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

According to the party’s executive secretary Almantas Petkus, the Board has nominated Skaisgirys and the final decision on all candidates to compete in municipal elections should be made on 29 November.

Meanwhile, in Kaunas the Order and Justice party is nominating Aušra Ručienė. The leader of the party, MEP Rolandas Paksas, said that the Order and Justice will compete for mayoral positions in about 40 municipalities.

As reported, the Special Investigation Service (STT) is carrying out an investigation into suspected large-scale trading in influence in the Ministry of the Interior’s public procurement procedures.

Rolandas Skaisgirys, whose public relations company works with the Order and Justice party, was detained for several days as part of the investigation. Paksas says this was done to harm the party before the upcoming elections.

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