Over half of Lithuanians stashing large amounts of money at home

One third of people admitted that they kept up to €500 in their home, with 16% keeping up to €1,000 stored at home. Another 10% said they kept between €1,000 and €5,000 ‘under the mattress’ at home.

The survey by insurance company BTA and Spinter Tyrimai found that elderly people were most likely to stash money at home, especially in remote towns and villages.

However, this left them vulnerable to thieves and scams. BTA advised people not to leave windows or balcony doors open unattended or to leave the key to their house or apartment under the mat.

It said that good relationships with neighbours also played a key role in stopping burglaries with neighbours likely to notice any suspicious activity when people were away from their homes.

It also advised people to never leave valuables in their car, even when they were parked outside houses or apartments, and to try to park vehicles in a safe well-lit area.

The insurance company said it was highly inadvisable for people to keep significant amounts of money at home and that they should use banks or other financial institutions to store their savings securely.

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