Paksas calls on Interior Minister to step down after joining Greens

Rolandas Paksas
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Paksas said it would be fair and decent for Skvernelis to leave the interior minister post and his call was supported by political scientists as a normal move in a democracy.

“Looking from the perspective of Western democracy, such a requirement would be understandable,” said Ainė Ramonaitė, and she said that the Order and Justice Party have generally reacted calmly when Skvernelis has flirted with other parties.


However, it is clear that the Peasant and Greens Union are becoming a strong competitor to the Order and Justice party, said Ramonaitė

The political scientist said that the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union could win over part of the Order and Justice voters at the upcoming parliamentary elections.


“That party has always been on the success-failure line – as a backup player who can run onto the pitch and do something special. Now the party is in a favourable situation, since it is not in power, neither in position nor opposition. At the same time the party is not a beginner, because it has a structure and administrative capacity, and its ideological position is flexible,” said Ramonaitė.

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