Parliament speaker calls for moderation in efforts to protect Lithuanian language

Loreta Graužinienė
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The Seimas speaker told the Žinių Radijas radio that the Lithuanian language forms a big part of the national survival. The language has to be fostered, but Graužinienė does not support everything that has been proposed to further this end.

According to her, the realities of the present must be taken into account. Names and brands of companies are often purchased and it is their property.

“We must not go to extremes. We must look at this from the perspective of the present. We cannot return a hundred years back, but I agree that we must nurture the language,” the parliament speaker said.

Last week, the Lithuanian parliament accepted for hearing a draft constitutional law aimed at further securing the status of Lithuanian as the country’s official language.

Criticism has been voiced over proposals to have all public signs and additional information next to trademarks to be written in Lithuanian.

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