Paupys Market settles in a winter garden

Plazma Visual Darnu group
Plazma Visual Darnu group

Paupys Market, a new centre of attraction for Vilnius residents and guests, will open this autumn in a reviving district of the Old Town of Vilnius. The architectural studio Plazma, which is involved in the designing of the interior of the 2,000 m2 market being built in the Paupys district, has revealed what the new space will look like and said that it will accommodate restaurants and grocery stores, as well as host culinary and cultural events. The Paupys is developed by the company Darnu Group.

Will be set up in a winter garden

Paupys Market will be located on the ground floor of the Business House underneath a vast glass roof. According to Rytis Mikulionis, the head of Plazma, the interior of the upcoming market was styled based on an industrial building with a breath-taking atrium

“The interior style was inspired by the aesthetics of 19th-century metal structures of industrial architecture, as well as metal and glass structures, which became popular in European capitals and where winter gardens were established during this period. We wanted to give the market an impression of a winter garden, considering its future visitors, as it is possible to enjoy warm weather in our country only in summer,” R. Mikulionis says.

The architect points out that much attention was placed on the new market’s interior details.

“The market will house restaurants, cafes and gourmet shops, with a seating capacity of 300. This place would be convenient not only for a quick lunch with colleagues or friends but also for a meal or a pleasant conversation. We strive to create as much comfort and privacy as possible for each visitor,” the interior designer of Paupys Market says.

Will bring together professionals

Vilius Vaičekauskas, head of hotels and restaurants for the Darnu Group, reveals that the vast majority of market tenants are already known.

“Their diversity and competence will help to achieve the main goals of the market – to create a cosy and beautiful environment for promoting the food culture of different countries or regions as well as meet high-quality standards, offer excellent knowledge of products and their origin, and provide consultations to customers, as well as be attentive to their needs. We hope to change the perception of market culture in Lithuania – it is not only a place to shop and eat but also to have fun,” Vaičekauskas said.

According to him, the Paupys Market will have about 20 tenants. They will not only produce and sell food but will also host various events. The market will be open from the early morning to serve to hurry customers with breakfast. From lunchtime until evening restaurants and specialized drink bars will be open to visitors, offering entertainment.

The market’s tenants will also be offering fresh fish, traditional farm produce and Italian delicacies. Fresh bread lovers will be able to acquire the Paupys bread baked in the oven right here.

“We hope to bring together a community of professionals that offer a variety of high-quality food and promote gastronomic culture, by encouraging pleasant communication between everyone. We want to create a place that would surprise you and where you would like to come back,” adds Vaičekauskas.

Strategic project

The Paupys project is part of the Architectural Park included in the Strategic Plan of Vilnius City Municipality for 2010-2020, which is aimed at restructuring the historical territory between the Vilnia River as well as Maironis, Subačius and Pavilnys streets in separate stages, by relocating former industrial enterprises, which are no longer in operation. The goal is to integrate Paupys into the contemporary architectural context of the city.

Seven blocks are being developed in the more than 7 ha area of Paupys. A modern multifunctional part of the city will be created here by 2022, with 824 apartments and 21,000 m2 of commercial space. Darnu Group is going to invest 150 million euro in the project.

The first tenants will move in to live and work in Paupys this year, and a business district, a conference centre, the Pasaka cinema, an art gallery and the third sports club RE.FORMATAS in Vilnius, as well as various companies providing daily services, will be opened.

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