Photo exhibition in Klaipėda explores Baltic pagan rites

Photo by Virgilijus Jankauskas

Photographer Virgilijus Jankauskas is planning a series of exhibitions, each dedicated to one religion practised in Lithuania. His first show is dedicated to paganism and opens at the Lithuania Minor History Museum in Klaipėda.

Jankauskas’ images tell the story of pagan Baltic festivals, wedding and initiation rites. He says he started taking the photos on display over a decade ago.

“I cannot claim that what you see in them is genuine paganism, because there’s probably no one who knows what it is. Instead, the images show attempts to reconstruct forgotten rites and traditions today,” Jankauskas says. “Besides, these rites are cheerful.”

Displayed alongside Jankauskas’ images are wood carvings by folk artist Petras Balsys. He admits that the sculptures contain many Christian motifs, but they strangely fit with the photographs.

The exhibition is open until May 14.

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