President Grybauskaitė at UN General Assembly: Silent consent to aggression does not help global stability

According to the president, a silent consent to aggression is not the answer of the international community which will help keep stability in the world.

“Keeping peace throughout the world requires collective responsibility, efforts and determination as well as fulfillment of obligations. The security of all countries is indivisible – we all are responsible for peace and sustainable future. We have to act together to stop armed conflicts, redrawing the borders of sovereign states and creating frozen conflicts. And we must do it immediately,” the president said.

In Grybauskaitė’s words, the nature of global security has changed dramatically over the past years. International agreements are not complied with, new forms of terrorism have emerged aiming to frighten people and countries and attempting to impose their own rules and order on the world.

We cannot make any concessions to terrorists or to instigators of war, she said. “We cannot close our eyes and think that problems and conflicts will disappear. Every country must assume responsibility for maintaining peace in the world,” the Lithuanian president said in her speech.

Grybauskaitė also paid global leaders’ attention to security challenges in different places of the world. Terrorist attacks are carried out in the Middle East, territorial integrity of sovereign states is violated using military aggression in Eastern Europe. Proper and effective response by the international community to all these challenges is needed.

The United Nations together with NATO, European Union and other international organizations should fulfill their duty and do everything possible to bring an end to these and other conflicts as soon as possible, the Lithuanian leader underlined.

“If we fail and violence, aggression and terror win, we are at risk to wake up on the doorstep of everyone fighting each other and with chaos prevailing. Everything we worked on, everything we created, the world we live in will be destroyed. A silent consent to such brutal forms of aggression should not be the answer of the international community. We must go back to the main purposes of the United Nations: to keep peace throughout the world. Our undivided attention for the undivided security should be our main focus,” the president said.

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