President Obama to meet Estonian and US soldiers in Tallinn

Before embarking on a flight to NATO Summit in Wales, the US President will have a meeting with members of an Infantry Company from the Estonian Scouts Battalion.

The Scouts Battalion has previously participated in international operations with the US and NATO, serving in the restless Helmand province in Afghanistan.

“I’m pretty confident that one of the reasons President Obama chose to visit Estonia is the fact that Estonian soldiers have served side by side with the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Riho Terras, Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, said in an interview with Eesti Päevaleht.

“The Americans appreciate it and take this experience with Estonians into account. It simply means that they can rely on us in difficult and complex circumstances,” Terras added.

Obama will also meet American soldiers from the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. The US dispatched 150 servicemen to Estonia this spring, in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

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