Laurynas Kasčiūnas and Vygaudas Ušackas

The real meaning of the Putin – Trump meeting: what the US president could have promised behind closed doors

What are the consequences of the US president’s trip to Europe? Donald Trump‘s controversial appearance before NATO and pandering to Vladimir Putin continues to receive mixed responses. There was no lack of debate over this […]

Donaldas Trumpas

M. Maldeikis. What is D. Trump telling Lithuania?

Over a year has passed since Donald Trump‘s electoral victory in the US presidential elections. However, in the USA, EU and Lithuania this victory is still often presented either as an unfortunate accident or as […]

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Managing the risks of the US-Russia confrontation in Eastern Europe

Unlike in the Cold War, the current RussiaUnited States confrontation is asymmetrical, which carries different dangers. Cooperation will remain limited and Barack Obama’s successor will most likely take a harsher stance on Russia. […]

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Russia’s counter to missile defence pushes Europe together

The ceremony of opening the United States’ missile defense base in Deveselu, Romania, last week (Thursday, May 12), was greeted by a barrage of condemnation and criticism from Russian officials. The next day, President Vladimir Putin turned these denouncements into state policy by defining this deployment of a radar station and SM-3 missile interceptors as a direct threat to Russia and promising to “curtail” it. […]

US Senator Richard Durbin
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Lithuanian-descent Senator accompanies Obama on historic visit to Cuba

Lithuanian-descent US Senator Dick Durbin is accompanying President Barack Obama and his family on their historic visit to Cuba. […]