What are Barack Obama’s family links to Lithuania?

Barack Obama. Photo Ludo Segers
President Obama in the White House to announce re-opening of US Embassy in Havana Photo Ludo Segers

While President Obama himself does not have direct links to Lithuania, his half-brother’s grand-parents were both Litvak, Ida and Maurice Baker. Mr. Baker was born in Kaunas while his wife was born in Vilnius.

Obama’s father, also Barack, married a second time and his wife’s parents were both Litvaks – Ida and Maurice Baker.

The news comes as Obama’s Kenyan half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo has released a book in which he describes what he was told about his ancestors by his grandmother Ida.

She mentions that her father was Abraham Indurskis, a photographer who lived in Vilnius. Later, their family fearing pogroms emigrated to South Africa. Obama‘s father also emigrated to the country where he later met a daughter of the Lithuanian Jewish family and married her.

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