Subversion is bigger threat for Lithuania than Russian invasion, says Robert D. Kaplan

The real danger Russia poses to countries like Lithuania is not military invasion, but subversion by intelligence operations, attempts to influence the media and politicians, says influential US author and public intellectual Robert David Kaplan.

Such covert processes are much more difficult to control for organizations like NATO than open aggression, Kaplan said in an interview to

Russian military invasion would mean the activation of Article 5. I’m more concerned about the threats that are not so obvious,” said Kaplan.

When asked how the results of the upcoming US presidential election could change Washington’s willingness to protect the Baltic states, Mr. Kaplan answered that: “First we have to wait for the results. If the president is Hillary Clinton, and so far it seems that this is what will happen, you will probably get stronger foreign policy regarding European security the one pursued by Barack Obama‘s administration.”

Robert David Kaplan has been voted one of the world’s 100 most influential thinkers in 2011 by the Foreign Policy magazine.

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