Prosecutors launch probe into last week’s sewer pipe accident in Vilnius

Sinkhole opens in the front of Barclays building in Vilnius

The aim of the investigation, opened by Anatolijus Korzovas, chief prosecutor at the Vilnius Regional Prosecutor’s Office, is to identify persons who violated construction laws and to establish the causes of the accident which has caused serious environmental damage, it said.

Two sewer mains were broken when a large sinkhole opened up last Friday on a parking lot under construction near Barclays‘ office building in Upės Street in central Vilnius. This caused an estimated 20,000 cubic meters of untreated wastewater to spill into the River Neris.

The authorities declared a state of emergency in the capital due to the sewage spill, which continued for about 24 hours. The state of emergency was lifted on Wednesday.

The Environment Minister has asked the Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate to look into the causes of the accident.

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