Russia deploying Iskander at Lithuanian border to get concessions from West

Linas Linkevičius
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

The minister said that the deployment and possible use of the missiles is included in the scenario of an exercise being held in the region. In his opinion, Moscow is thus trying to step up pressure on the West to obtain concessions in talks over the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

“Exercises and staff training are currently underway all over Russia. An exercise is taking place in Kaliningrad as well as and its scenario includes the deployment and possible use of Iskander missile systems. We know about this,” he told BNS.

In Linkevičius’ words, the advanced missile systems have a range of up to 700 kilometers and could reach not only the Baltic countries and Poland, but also the German capital of Berlin.

“I think this is a traditional scenario where the situation is being escalated in expectation of negotiating concessions from the West,” the minister said.

“Bluffing and intimidation techniques have been very effective in the past. However, after some Western countries have begun to be treat Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria as war crimes, similar methods may fail to work,” he said.

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