Russia sees Baltic states as another military operation field, Lithuanian defence official says

“We have no other way than for the three Baltic states to cooperate, and the cooperation must be as deep as possible. Russia, our potential rival or opponent, views us as a field of military operations. In the military sense, there are various scenarios but we are a single military operational area for our potential rival. This is very important to understand as grounds for our cooperation,” Gasiūnas said at a meeting of the Baltic Assembly‘s Legal Affairs and Security Committee in Vilnius on Friday.

He also said that the current deterioration of the situation will have a long-term strategic impact.

“Russia may take another tactical pause, just as one was made after the Russian actions of 2008 in Georgia and when the West made a mistake by thinking it would be the end of the Russian aggression in the region. Three months later, cooperation was restored, however, it was not the end, it was the period of preparations for new aggression, which we now see in Ukraine,” said the Defenxe Ministry’s official.

In a meeting of the Baltic Assembly’s Legal Affairs and Security Committee in Vilnius on Friday, Baltic parliamentarians are discussing regional security and cooperation.

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