Russian-speakers’ party wins elections in Latvia, but ruling coalition retains majority

The total turnout in Latvia’s general elections was 912,050.

Latest data show that 23.26% of votes have been cast for Harmony, 21.62% for Unity, and 19.74% for the UGF.

The National Alliance “All For Latvia!” – “For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK” has gained the support of 16.5% of voters, To Latvia from the Heart (No sirds Latvijai) – 6.91%, while 6.47% of voters have expressed their support to the Latvian Regional Alliance.

As regards the number of seats in the parliament per party, Harmony has gained 25, Unity – 23, the UGF – 21, the National Alliance – 17, while Saeima newcomers – To Latvia from the Heart and the Latvian Regional Alliance – have each received seven seats.

In the previous Saeima election, 31 seats went to Harmony, 20 to Unity, 14 to the National Alliance, 13 to the UGF. The party with the largest increase of seats is the UGF, while more seats will go to both the National Alliance and Unity, but the number of Harmony’s MPs will decrease by six seats.

The latest data indicate that other parties have not surpassed the election threshold of 5%.

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