Schengen facing ‘real threat’, Lithuania’s border guard chief says

Renatas Požėla
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“Unless decisions on protecting external borders are implemented, there is a real threat to the Schengen area. We are already seeing walls going up in the middle of Europe, both physical and mental,” Požėla told Veidas magazine.

He believes that the EU can still take measures in order to prevent internal borders from springing up. One way is to lend assistance to Greece which has been the gateway of migrants coming to Europe.

“The collapse of the Schengen area affects the essence and philosophy of the European Union – free movement of people and goods is what makes us strong and unique in the world. Everyone wins from it – in terms of convenience, human rights, economy. We have to do everything to avoid its collapse,” according to Požėla.

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