Seven Lithuanian NGOs to observe compilation of military draft lists

The seven organisations in question are: Vilnius county chapter of the Union of Founders Volunteers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (LKKSS), the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT), the Union of Reserve Officers of Lithuania (LAKS), Lithuanian Scouting Association (LS), the Reserve Officers’ Union (AKS), the Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association (LGSPA) and the Riflemen’s Union.

The Ministry of National Defence invited those associations whose activities are related to enhancement of national defence, the public’s preparation for defence, fostering civic and patriotic development of young people and protection of human rights.

The list of public representatives is approved by the minister of national defence, it has to include 5 to 10 representatives.

As reported, this year men aged 19-26 years will be drafted for mandatory initial military service. 3,000 of them will be drafted unless the required number enlist as volunteers. Military draft lists will be produced randomly by computer software.

613 people have enlisted as volunteers by 27 April.

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