Shortage of IT specialists in Lithuania nearing 13,000

According to Andrius Plečkaitis, Innovation Manager at INFOBALT, an association of Lithuanian IT companies, the shortage of IT specialists was particularly strongly felt after 2009, when several global corporations established technology centres in Lithuania.

“After such companies like Barclays, Western Union started operating in Lithuania and Lithuanian IT companies began working more successfully in export markets, we have faced a huge shortage of IT specialists, which growing every year. According to our research, in 2016 Lithuania will face a shortage of 13,000 IT specialists,” said Plečkaitis.

According to him, to ensure the necessary number of IT specialists in the future, it is essential to work not only with students, but also with school pupils.

“When entering a university, young people should have already decided what profession they want to pursue. We have noticed that ‘last minute’ decisions on what to study have become a relic, young people become more motivated. Universities and IT companies have been actively cooperating with schools for some time already; pupils are acquainted with future professions and skills necessary for a good employee. Various initiatives involving young people may encourage them to choose professions that are related to IT,” said Plečkaitis.

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