Strengthening middle class key to Social Democrat election platform

The Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

The Council of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party has approved the party’s electoral platform with the key objective of creating a strong middle class to drive the country’s future development.

The Social Democrats said the party’s key objectives were: to create a strong middle class which would form a key driver of development; to reduce social exclusion and to create a positive climate for society.


The party’s key investments would be in education, health and science with a key focus on job creation.

“The most important emphasis of our new election program is to invest in people and their well-being through increased funding for education and science, health and social policy, as well as investments in the national economy, new jobs, which will guarantee growth in Lithuanian people’s income and development,” said Rimantas Vaitkus, member of the Social Democratic Party presidium, the leader of the election program group.


The party is also promising to promote population growth and change emigration trends into return migration, as well as developing a creative society.

“We will also develop a new economic policy, the new Lithuanian social model, and innovative products like robotics and the bio-economy – innovative sectors that can be Lithuania‘s calling card internationally. We also want to strengthen Lithuania’s democracy and security,” he said.


The party’s programme said that the party would be guided by three key principles if elected to government – freedom, solidarity and social justice.


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