Vladimir Putin and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras

Putin’s Russia. Kremlin’s plan for Europe, bribe No. 1

In the previous articles of the series ‘Putin’s Russia: Kremlin’s Goals and Tools’, I analysed the theory and practice of Russia’s foreign policy and drew attention to the fact that Russia still uses the ammunition of USSR KGB – disinformation, influence agents, scandals (e.g., Edward Snowden’s story) and criminal activity: corruption, criminal world, drug trafficking and terrorism. So I will now move on to the cases of three countries and their policies – that, I believe, will be a perfect illustration of Kremlin’s capabilities. […]

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Putin’s Russia. What is Kremlin actually capable of?

In the latest article of this series (“Putin’s Russia. Kremlin’s Goal No. 1”) I analysed the theory and practice of Russian foreign policy trying to ground the thesis that Kremlin’s main goal is to undermine the EU and NATO, and bring the world back to the times of international power balance. […]

V.Putinas, A.Duginas, H.Džemalis, D.Umarovas ir Š.Basajevas

Putin’s Russia. Do traces of KGB, FSB and GRU lead to Islamic State?

Again, this article will not be related to the structure, clans, their interrelations, and KGB basis in Putin’s current regime. This essay is a sequel of the previous piece which aimed to take another glimpse at Putin’s suspicious links with international terrorism. […]