Ignalina NPP decomissioning works

Ignalina NPP’s decommissioning overshadowed by govt disputes – media

As Lithuania prepares for new negotiations on the funding of the Ignalina nuclear power plant‘s decommissioning, the country’s former Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius says he faced a serious risk of losing funding for the project before assuming his position, the delfi.lt news website reports. […]

Vilnius Power Plant

Cuts to power plant subsidies will lead to higher electricity prices, say experts

Several dozen energy specialists and politicians have criticised the Lithuanian government’s decision to discontinue electricity production subsidies for combined heat and power plants in Vilnius, Kaunas and Panevėžys. They said that the decision will increase consumers’ electricity and heating bills, while the country will not have sufficient backup electricity generation power. […]

Arvydas Sekmokas

Opinion: How Russia wages hybrid energy war against Lithuania

The hybrid war, tested in Ukraine, was a big surprise for some time even for defence experts. Now, it seems that this lesson has been learned – Lithuania is one of the first countries in NATO which started to form a rapid reaction force aimed at responding to the new military threats. […]