Taavi Rõivas

Former Estonian PM Rõivas: Vilnius Blockchain Centre spreads beyond geographical location of Lithuania

Former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas to the Lithuania Tribune (EN.DELFI) about the future of blockchain technology, about cooperation between Lithuania and Estonian in blockchain, what Estonian could learn from Lithuania and vice versa. We also spoke about 2030, yes, the future. […]

#Blockchain by Mantas Bartaševičius

Blockchain – revolutionary innovation that will help us in everyday lives

Blockchain could be used in car markets – then drivers should not rely solely on the seller’s persuasions, as they could see the whole history of the car they are going to buy in a decentralized network, says adviser to the Board of the Bank of Lithuania Ekaterina Govina. She and the director of Blockchain Centre Vilnius Eglė Nemeikštytė told about the practical uses of the promising technology that has been recently enjoying much attention. […]