Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Opinion: NATO promises to Russia? Which promises?

Alea iacta est. NATO has agreed on the formation of a special ‘spearhead force’ (officially: Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) that, if necessary, will offer the eastern member states (additional) protection against Russia’s imperialist whims. After twenty years of peace keeping operations and crisis management on the Balkans and in exotic places further away, the alliance will refocus on its original task, as anchored in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty: collective defence. […]

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Opinion: Three reasons why Lithuania needs NATO bases on its soil

Paradoxically enough, it is during the term of the US president who thought Europe’s security system a done deal and insisted on a “reset” in relations with Russia that Lithuania and other Baltic states will finally become full-fledged members of NATO. […]


Opinion: Dread, confusion and loathing in Palestine

For a past week, to talk about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian relations objectively became quite a self-indulging activity. The debate itself is toxic, since, according to the opposing camps, any affection to the Palestinian cause turns one into an anti-Semitic, terrorist-loving, revanchist bastard, whereas backing Israel means support to genocidal, child-killing, quasi-religious nationalist regime. […]

Eduard Shevardnadze

Remembering Georgia’s Shevardnadze

Eduard Shevardnadze, the last foreign minister of the Soviet Union and onetime president of Georgia, died Monday. Shevardnadze had not been active in politics since his ouster as president during the Rose Revolution in 2003. However, his time in politics marks two critical periods of transition in geopolitics and the world: the end of the Cold War and the restart of the U.S.-Russian struggle. […]