Edward Lucas, the Nordic Chambers Dinner i

How to make the deal of the deals with Russia? After dinner with E. Lucas

Edward Lucas, the former senior editor of the Economist, visited Vilnius on January 10th — once again, should we say. He lived in Lithuania in the Nineties and is such a frequent commentator and visitor in Lithuania that he even speaks the language a bit. His work has been revolving around Russia for so long that he has become a synonym for Russophobia, an accusation he is sharing with the three Baltic States. […]

In Eastern Ukraine

Why do the current sanctions against Russia not stop the war in Ukraine?

Following the political changes that began in Ukraine in 2013, Russia has commenced a hybrid war, which culminated not only in the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity but also in the annexation of Crimea as […]

Donald Trump
European Union

Central, Eastern European politicians urge Trump to stop concessions to Russia

Central and Eastern European politicians have urged United States President-Elect Donald Trump to stop making concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as he could view the steps as weaknesses and undertake provocations against the Baltic states and Poland. […]

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Great power games: Do ordinary Russians really want war?

Does the international perception of Russia as an expansionist and warmongering country sit well with the mood of Russia’s population? […]

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Asia’s rise, Russia, and the future of the global order

This week, Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Australian prime minister, will be visiting Moscow. Speaking at the Carnegie Moscow Center on February 18, 2016, Kevin Rudd outlined Chinese foreign policy under Xi Jinping. In a new article written exclusively for Carnegie.ru, he articulates his vision for Russia’s possible role in Asia. […]