Edward Lucas, the Nordic Chambers Dinner i

How to make the deal of the deals with Russia? After dinner with E. Lucas

Edward Lucas, the former senior editor of the Economist, visited Vilnius on January 10th — once again, should we say. He lived in Lithuania in the Nineties and is such a frequent commentator and visitor in Lithuania that he even speaks the language a bit. His work has been revolving around Russia for so long that he has become a synonym for Russophobia, an accusation he is sharing with the three Baltic States. […]

Donald Trump

Baltic security in the age of Trump

The election of Donald J. Trump as US President on November 7, 2016 has brought a year of living dangerously for the Baltic States, as the region nervously awaited the arrival of a new Republican […]

President Dalia Grybauskaitė
Foreign affairs

President Grybauskaitė: US should stay leader in security architecture

The United States have always been the guarantee of democracy, peace and freedom, therefore, it is important that it stays the leader of the global security efforts, says Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė. […]

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Is Sweden and Finland joining NATO inevitable?

A recent study commissioned by Finland has outlined the pros and cons of the country joining NATO. […]

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Cuban missile crisis-style stand-off in Baltic States a real possibility – former US Defense Secretary

Former US secretary of Defence William Perry has said that Russia and the US blundering into a Cuban missile crisis type confrontation in the Baltic States was a live possibility. […]