Vytautas Nekrošius

V. Nekrošius: there is no chance of snap Seimas elections

“Not one bit. 85 votes are needed and that’s impossible. There’s no chance,” professor Vytautas Nekrošius thus described the possibility for snap Seimas elections. The situation developing in Seimas and public was discussed on the […]

Lithuanian passport

Two faces of dual citizenship

Up to the referendum on dual citizenship it is necessary to clearly answer questions of whether foreign “spies” will not appear in the Lithuanian military, whether we will have MPs living thousands of kilometres away […]

Migration department

Prosecutors: Lithuanian Migration Dept didn’t leak classified info to Russian judges

The Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Tuesday that the Migration Department did not disclose classified information to judges of the Russian Constitutional Court who were banned from entering Lithuania due to annexation of Crimea. […]

Lithuania's Constitution

Top court rules impeachment possible for crimes committed before taking office

Impeachment proceedings may be opened against persons holding certain posts for crimes committed before taking office, the Constitutional Court ruled on Friday. […]