Protest rally near DNB headquarters

Investors sue Lithuanian bank over investments that may leave them homeless

Hundreds of small investors have sued Lithuania’s DNB bank after investment products they were sold went sour after the 2008 crash, forcing them to sell their homes they mortgaged to buy the bank’s investment products. […]


Polish shopping spins off new breed of entrepreneurs

The increasing flood of Lithuanians shopping in Poland has given birth to a range of new enterprises across Lithuania and the surprising possibility of another shopping destination developing. […]


Faster economic growth may be expected in 2016, DNB Lithuania analysts say

According to analysts of DNB bank, this year Lithuania’s economy felt the painful consequences of subsiding exports, although faster economic growth may be expected in 2016. […]

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Lithuanian business start-ups to expand despite slowing economy

With the country’s economy growing slower than expected, most business start-ups in Lithuania are taking advantage of the situation in the domestic market. While the country’s largest companies are estimating the consequences of Russia’s embargo, Lithuanian business start-ups are planning to further increase their sales volumes within the coming six months and recruit new employees to satisfy the growing demand, the bank DNB said in a statement. […]


ECB stress test finds Lithuania’s banks secure and reliable

The three largest banks operating in Lithuania – SEB bank, Swedbank and DNB bank – have very solid capital buffers and assess risks conservatively enough. This became clear after the European Central Bank (ECB), in cooperation with the Bank of Lithuania, inspected the asset quality of the three commercial banks and performed stress testing, the country’s central bank said in a report on 26 October. […]