What are the dangers of Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant to Lithuania?

Lithuania is stepping up its opposition to the nuclear power plant that Belarus is building in Astravyets, just across the common border, after reports of incidents at the construction site is coming in. A leading energy expert explains the dangers of the plant and what could be done to mitigating them.

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Wind power production grew more than 50% in Lithuania

During the first six months of 2016, electricity production in wind farms in Lithuania increased by 53.5% compared to the same period last year, and is 70% above what it was in 2014, shows Litgrid […]

Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant

Incident at Astravyets nuclear plant ‘serious’ – Lithuanian expert

After Belarus‘ Energy Ministry admitted there had been an “extreme situation” on the construction site of Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant, a leading Lithuanian nuclear energy expert says that the incident must have been serious and […]

„Axis Industries“

Lithuania’s Axis doubles profits in 2015

Axis Industries, a Lithuanian industrial and energy group, almost doubled its net profits in 2015, up 49.1% to €10.3 million.

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New report outlines threats to Lithuania’s energy security

The Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) has prepared the National Energy Strategy (NES) which for the first time discusses threats to the country’s energy sector. They are divided into three groups: socio-political, natural and technogenic. Ensuring […]