Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant

Incident at Astravyets nuclear plant ‘serious’ – Lithuanian expert

After Belarus‘ Energy Ministry admitted there had been an “extreme situation” on the construction site of Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant, a leading Lithuanian nuclear energy expert says that the incident must have been serious and […]

„Axis Industries“

Lithuania’s Axis doubles profits in 2015

Axis Industries, a Lithuanian industrial and energy group, almost doubled its net profits in 2015, up 49.1% to €10.3 million.

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New report outlines threats to Lithuania’s energy security

The Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) has prepared the National Energy Strategy (NES) which for the first time discusses threats to the country’s energy sector. They are divided into three groups: socio-political, natural and technogenic. Ensuring […]

The Kremlin

Russian ‘countermeasures’ to NATO in Eastern Europe are coming

When NATO leaders gather in Warsaw on July 8 to 9, they will announce steps to beef up the alliance’s conventional force presence on its eastern flank. NATO also will shortly announce that the SM-3 missile defense site in Romania has achieved operational status. These moves will spur the Kremlin, with some fanfare, to announce military “countermeasures.” But those will be steps that Moscow almost certainly intends to take in any case. […]