Lithuania still has room for improvement in terms of recycling

The fast growth of human consumption is the main cause of decreasing land resources and its pollution. Yet, our habits are not friendly to the environment. Quite often we do not consider recycling to be one of the fundamental activities which can help each and every one of us make a contribution to the environmental protection and reduction of pollution. […]

Vilnius goes dark for Earth Hour

Vilnius centre lit by nothing but candles for Earth Hour 2016

At 8:30 local time on Saturday night, millions of people around the world turned off their lights and other electronic appliances for an hour to observe Earth Hour, an international tradition aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and efficient energy usage. In the centre of Vilnius, Lithuanians also observed the hour by gathering under the snow with a huge collection of candles. […]

Trakai Castle surrounded by a frozen lake

Beautiful but deadly cold snap grips Lithuania and neighbours

A cold snap has gripped Lithuania and its neighbouring countries, with temperatures reaching -22 C or even lower in Lithuania. Meteorologists predict an especially cold day on Thursday, with skin temperatures reaching -30 C. […]

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Fishermen and environmentalists disagree on protected areas in Baltic Sea

Fishermen in Lithuania are concerned about the European Union‘s regulations to define protected areas in the Baltic Sea and fear they might be left without fishing areas, the Vakarų Ekspresas daily reports. […]