Fishermen and environmentalists disagree on protected areas in Baltic Sea

Currently, Lithuania is defining protected areas in the Baltic Sea, and before the legalization of the final result, the State Service for Protected Areas needs to harmonize interests of all parties involved and find a compromise.

Scientists say they have already chosen only half of the territory that needs protection. Meanwhile, fishermen believe the protected zones might be moved to the areas without active fishing activity.

“If the EU wants to restrict some activity and business sustains damages, then fishermen should get some financial support from the European funds. We want to protect some molluscs, sand and shores, but we don’t see the fisherman and his losses. Every meter is very important for us and perhaps we’ll be able to reach a compromise,” Einaras Gardžiulis, owner of Starkis fishing company, said.

According to Dalia Cebatoriūtė of the State Service for Protected Areas, not only fishing but other types of activity would be restricted in protected areas.

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