Rimantas Šadžius
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Lithuanian finance minister: Greece must show political will to carry out reforms

Greek authorities must demonstrate their strong political will and approve reform measures agreed after more than 17 hours of overnight talks in order to reach a deal with the eurozone on a new bailout programme, Lithuanian Finance Minister Rimantas Šadžius said on Monday. […]


Open letter to anti-Greek Eastern European bloc

Economist Dr.Zoltan Pogatsa believes that the Eurozone states of the former Eastern bloc have been duped by the major powers into firmly opposing Greece. They are being led to believe that Athens is damaging to their economies. It’s all a deception, the Hungarian professional of political economy argues, as Eastern Eurozone members’ money never actually went to Greece, but to Brussels, in order to support the euro. […]

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Lithuanian PM: Greece will remain in eurozone

Greece will remain in the eurozone despite the Greeks’ decision in the recent referendum to reject the creditors’ proposed reforms and austerity measures, Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius believes. […]

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Lithuanian president: Greece wants others to pay for its party

Greece wants to feast and to have other countries pay its bills, Lithuania’s president has said, adding that Lithuania has a tough stance towards the Greek debt crisis in particular as the country does not want, in the president’s words, to take responsibility for several decades of living beyond its means. […]

Lietuvos bankas pristato naująjį 20-ies eurų banknotą

New 20 euro banknote presented to cash handlers at Bank of Lithuania

The new 20 euro banknote and its innovative security features were presented at the Bank of Lithuania on Tuesday, 5 May. The new 20 euro banknotes, from the Europa series, will be put into circulation across the euro area on 25 November 2015 and will circulate together with the current banknotes of the first series, said the Bank of Lithuania. […]