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Lithuanian military representative: the information war is fought for hearts and minds

It has been known since ancient times that the greatest military victories are those achieved without firing a single shot. One of the means to do so is currently also one of the problems seen […]

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Russian fake news seeks to generate Baltic opposition to NATO presence

Russian media outlets in Moscow and in the Baltic countries have stepped up their efforts to generate opposition among Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). These media sources have been putting out fake news stories suggesting that NATO was recruiting Russian speakers, especially in Latvia, to use “as guinea pigs” to test new “physical, biological and other techniques.” The goal of such “experimentation” is purportedly to prepare the Balts to help the Western alliance invade the Russian Federation. […]


Police opens probe into hacking of BNS system

Lithuania’s Criminal Police has opened a pre-trial investigation into hacking of the system of Vilnius bureau of BNS news agency and publishing of fake news. […]