Lauri Koponen

KTU Executive School: Tailor-made competences for business

Every businessperson in his of her life has encountered a situation when they need to upgrade their competence package. However, usually there is no time for proper studies, and the quality of available lectures by individual speakers is often compromised. Lauri Koponen, Head of KTU Executive School says that business breakfast, popular in Scandinavian countries, is a good solution for this problem. […]

Andrus Ansip

Estonians and Finns must decide on LNG terminal fast, EC vice-president says

European Commission Vice-President of the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip said on Friday at a conference in Tallinn that Estonia and Finland have to move forward fast with the LNG terminal project, because there is prevailing investment drought in Europe and no one is going to wait until Estonia and Finland finish deliberating different solutions, Aripaev Online reports. […]

Juozas Olekas

Baltic and Nordic defence ministers discuss joint capacities

Lithuania’s Defense Minister Juozas Olekas is visiting Norway on Wednesday to meet with his Nordic and Baltic colleagues for a discussion of initiative to step up the Nordic and Baltic anti-crisis capacities. […]

No Picture

Railway advances reveal strategic interests in the Baltics

Stratfor analyst Eugene Chausovsky reflects on the Baltic states’ recent announcement of a joint venture company for Rail Baltica and examines the project’s regional context and implications. […]

No Picture

EU says no to joint Estonian-Finnish LNG terminal project

EU has rejected the proposal to finance the development of joint LNG terminal projects proposed by the Estonian company Alexela Energia and Finland‘s Gasum Oy, writes Eesti Päevaleht. […]


NATO vessels headed by Lithuanian officer will take part in exercise Northern Coast 2014

On 29 August vessels of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1), including the Lithuanian LNS JOTVINGIS (N42), currently led by Commander Giedrius Premeneckas (Lithuanian Navy) moored at Turku seaport in Finland. SNMCMG1 will take part in NATO-European Union’s Exercise Northern Coast 2014 in the northern part of the Baltic Sea and the territorial waters of Finland, the Ministry of National Defence reports. […]

No Picture

Edward Lucas: The West skipped summer semester on geopolitics

The downing of the Malaysian airline MH17 finally turned the world’s eyes to the conflict in Ukraine. The criminal irresponsibility of putting advanced weapons in the hands of ill-trained, trigger-happy insurgents was obvious even to professional foreign-policy analysts. […]