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Lithuanian agriculture minister calls for extraordinary EU ministers meeting

Following the introduction of sanctions on food imports by the Russian Federation, Lithuania’s Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitienė has turned to Italian Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Minister Maurizio Martina, who holds the rotating presidency of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH), with a request to convene an extraordinary meeting of EU ministers of agriculture as soon as possible, possibly even in August. […]


Lithuanian agriculture minister says European Commission might help with Russian embargo relief

Intervention buying-in by authorities would help Lithuanian farmers cope with the consequences of Russia’s restrictions on the imports of food and farm products, Agriculture Minister Virginija Baltraitiene has said, adding that this measure would be financed from the national budget and the costs would be compensated by the European Commission (EC). […]

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What Latvian farmers should do with the spare milk?

Due to Russia‘s ban on import of food products, there is now overproduction of dairy products, while procurement prices for milk are falling and many Lithuanian dairy companies have terminated their contracts with Latvian dairy farms, therefore the state should provide support for not only specific companies, but also for dairy farms, experts told the business portal […]


Lithuanian dairy products can be sold locally, says Food and Veterinary Service chief

With Russia having closed its market to most European food products, the first month will be the most difficult for Lithuanian producers, the director of the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service said on Monday. […]

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Two Lithuanian trucks stopped at Kaliningrad border amid Russia’s imports embargo

Two trucks carrying food products have been stopped at Lithuania’s border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad after Moscow imposed an embargo on agricultural and food products from the EU, the Lithuanian Customs Department said on Friday. […]

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Foreign affairs

Foreign Ministry holds business meeting on new markets amid Russian embargo

Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday held an inter-institutional meeting of ministerial representatives and representatives of business associations to discuss new export markets after Russia imposed import bans. […]