Aurelijus Skarbalius

On this day in football: 17 November

As Lithuanian football fans continue to recover from their nation’s 4:0 deficit on Saturday some may even remember the milestone which took place on this day in 1991. […]

USSR-Brasil. Photo

On this day in football: 1 October

A day after Lithuania’s four basketball patriots of the 1980’s guided the USSR to an Olympic title, two of their counterparts added to the Gold medal tally on the football field. […]

Valdas Ivanauskas' contribution to Lithuania's International football in the 1990's mount's to the legacy left by Diego Maradona in Argentina

On this day in sport: 29 July

As Lithuania prepares for another UEFA European qualifying campaign, football fanatics will look back on another milestone on this day 20 years ago. […]

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Opinion: One more time about football

Over the last month a lot of world’s men and fewer women were indulged in a football fiesta which was held in Brazil. Truth to be told, there are a lot of people who do not like football. English photographer David Bailey once said that he imagines hell to consist of four men in a car talking about football. […]

Lithuania Tribune sports writer Alex Tigani pictured with Ričardas Berankis three years later in 2013. Photo courtesy of Alex Tigani.

On this day in Sport: 9 July

Ričardas Berankis, Laurynas Grigelis, Dovydas Šakinis and Lukas Mugevičius may never have been household names for the world tennis community however these four boys had an entire nation behind their back, on this day in 2010. […]