Invest Lithuania

Foreign investors generate higher returns in Lithuania than other countries

Foreign investors located in Lithuania generate higher returns on equity than in other countries, a study by foreign investment development agency Invest Lithuania shows. […]

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Lithuanian housing bubble to unwind not burst say experts

Last year, investment into residential real estate in Lithuania returned to the pre-crisis levels of 2007. Economists say, however, that the growth is sustainable and a real estate “bubble” could, in worst case, deflate a little rather than explode as it did in 2008. […]

Harlem Desir
Foreign affairs

French government ‘concerned’ about Veolia’s investment in Vilnius

The French government is closely watching the dispute concerning Veolia’s investment in Vilnius and hopes it can be resolved amicably, Harlem Desir, French Minister of State for European Affairs, has said while on a visit to Lithuania. […]


Misguided investments feeding high tech illusion in Lithuania

Over the last two decades, there has been a lot of talk that Lithuania should focus on developing high-tech industry and create a new Silicon Valley in the country, but economists believe that this talk is totally at odds with reality on the ground. […]