Jonas Valančiūnas

Valančiūnas and Latvia’s Porzingis face off as Raptors sweep Knicks

Baltic basketball fans who have been comparing and contrasting the NBA careers of Jonas Valančiūnas from Lithuania and Kristaps Porzingis from Latvia were treated with an exciting game on Monday when Valančiūnas’ Raptors and Porzingis’ Knicks met face-to-face once again, this time in New York. […]

Jonas Valančiūnas next to the USSR's coat of arms

Five Lithuanian basketballers win dubious honour of being named members of modern fantasy USSR team

A Russian sports website named has given five Lithuanian basketball players the questionable honor of playing on that website’s modern-day USSR fantasy dream team. The article’s author recounted that four Lithuanian basketball players – Arvydas Sabonis, Šarūnas Marčiulionis, Valdemaras Chomičius and Rimas Kurtinaitis – played for the Soviet Union when its basketball team took the gold at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. […]