Refugee camp in Georgia

Kremlin said to be developing plan for partitioning Georgia

Since the start of this year, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and pushed for Ukraine’s “federalization.” The severe international concern caused by these actions was further compounded last month (August 2014) by Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s statement in Yalta that after Moscow subdues Ukraine, it will move against other post-Soviet countries in order to rebuild the Russian Empire. Not surprisingly, many countries in the region have thus been forced to consider where the Kremlin might move next and what means it might employ against them—from demands for “federalization” to open aggression. […]

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Aggression in Ukraine: what consequences await its architects?

In the first article about Dmitry Rogozin’s clan, I discussed how this clan developed and gained strength. However, in the context of aggression against Ukraine, it is crucial to focus attention not just on Rogozin and his clan’s ideology or rhetoric. […]

Vladimir Putin

Opinion: How to restrain the Russian Czar?

While the war in Eastern Ukraine continues, no one can come up with an idea of how to restrain Russia, which responds to international norms cynically and does not want to hear the warnings of the global community. The current sanctions that Russia is subjected to have one main goal, which is to stop the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and force Moscow to stop supporting terrorists in that area. […]