Opinion: Kaliningrad – Kremlin‘s joker in geopolitical poker game with West

The Kremlin‘s propaganda rarely shocks anymore and hardly registers as news with most people but some of it deserves attention because when a specific propaganda message is repeated over and over, it is done in an attempt to embed it in our minds as being the uncontestable truth. In the case of Kaliningrad, it has to be feared that the Kremlin‘s efforts are an attempt to incite war between the West and Russia. […]

Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė

Opinion: Winning back hearts and souls of Lithuania’s citizens

The West now faces bigger problems than Ukraine’s future or Russia’s plans for its neighbours. The growing threat of terrorism makes Russia more and more indispensable to its Western partners. That’s dangerous for the Baltic states because there’s no way that the Kremlin will renounce its aggressive goals, get lost in Syria or run out of resources for all of its front lines. […]

No Picture

Putin’s Russia. Roots of today’s regime date back to KGB under Andropov

In the articles of Putin’s Russia series I have repeatedly written about Yevgeny Primakov’s clan. I have described in detail the ongoing battle regarding the implementation of the so-called peace plan in Ukraine, and Primakov’s influence structures both in Russia and in the West. The article about Yevtushenkov’s case was also inevitably related to the information about Primakov’s clan because the oligarch was considered the member of this clan. […]

Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

Russian Soldiers – cheap and luckless (I)

Ten years ago on 3 September 2004 at exactly 13:00 in Beslan, North Ossetia, Chechen terrorists allowed the bodies of local people who had been killed and left lying there for three days in front of a school, to be gathered up. On 1 September the 34 Chechen terrorists had taken about 1200 teenagers and children hostage in the school. […]

Vladimiras Putinas

Would Russia be a different country without Putin?

If Russian President Vladimir Putin were replaced by another politician in the Kremlin, Russia‘s foreign policy would not change, most Lithuanians think. […]