Dainava district partisans. Winter 1945-1946

A disappointing response to the tragic story of Lithuanian partisans that angered the Kremlin

Just three years ago the Kremlin was greatly angered by a video about post-war freedom fighters in the Baltics shared on the NATO Twitter profile. In response to the video, Moscow once more took to […]


Law-enforcement suspends probe into hacking of BNS Lithuania system

Lithuanian law-enforcement officials have suspended their pre-trial investigation into the hacking of the system of the Baltic News Service’s Vilnius bureau, saying that they are unable, at least for now, to track down the hacker, who used a system that ensures anonymity of the user. […]

Rusijos kariai be skiriamųjų ženklų Kryme

Little green men from new incubators

There a has been growing concern in Europe regarding the Kremlin’s new methods of formulating the aggressive fifth column whose members are recruited under the guise of combat sports clubs. According to, experts Lithuania – […]

Sputnik in Lithuanian

Kremlin‘s mouthpiece found a way to reach non-Russian speaking Lithuanian youth

Seen as one of the most important Russian financed propaganda channels, the news agency Sputnik has so far been releasing their reports in more than thirty languages. The two year old Kremlin information project will be releasing “diverse opinions” in Lithuanian from now on as well, states is website. […]

No Picture

Russia’s new election tactics: Why the Kremlin no longer needs ballot-stuffing

Numerous clever tricks and a slew of political parties loyal to Russia’s government now ensure the “right” election result long before any votes are cast. And this means that the election count can be shown to be fair, and at the same time managed by individuals who are widely trusted and respected. […]