Potential Nord Stream 2 route

Russia can’t be allowed to use energy for political goals – US congressman in Vilnius

The United States seek to undermine Russia‘s influence in the energy sector, therefore, is skeptical about the Nord Stream 2 project, which would make Europe more dependent on the Kremlin, says US congressman Rob Bishop. […]

Rusijos kariai be skiriamųjų ženklų Kryme

Little green men from new incubators

There a has been growing concern in Europe regarding the Kremlin’s new methods of formulating the aggressive fifth column whose members are recruited under the guise of combat sports clubs. According to, experts Lithuania – […]

Vladimiras Putinas o a TV set

Russian propaganda most impactful on ethnic minorities

Europe has finally admitted what has been spoken about in Lithuania for a long time now – it is experiencing information attacks from Russia. This week the European Parliament passed a resolution which states that […]


Russia continues to interfere in Lithuania – national security report

A new national security report has made it clear that Russia hasn’t left Lithuania alone – looking for weak points, gathering information, manipulating public opinion through the media, and recruiting businessmen, public figures and employees at judicial institutions. […]