Lithuania’s labour unions to hold rally in Vilnius in protest of labour code reform

On Thursday, 10 September, Lithuania’s trade unions are organising the largest rally since the 2008 financial crisis. The event is to take place outside the Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius. Approximately 2,000 people will protest against the planned labour code reforms, the so-called new social model. […]

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Lithuania’s labour code overhaul divides opinions

Lithuania is often described as a country where potential investors are put off by a tax system inherited from the Soviet times and inflexible labour code. Still, the new social model, currently in the works and promised to provide more flexible employer-employee relations, have received a fair deal of criticism. […]


Lithuanian government approves liberalization of labour relations

The Lithuanian government on Friday approved in principle a draft social model, which is meant to liberalize labour relations and reorganize the system of social insurance. […]