Ramūnas Karbauskis (centre)

Karbauskis – the Social Democrats raised no conditions

“We received no requests regarding specific posts from the Social Democrats. They are not raising any advance conditions,” stated the leader of the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union Ramūnas Karbauskis. He also said that the […]

Gintautas Paluckas

ELECTIONS. SocDems after losing – three alternatives for their future

The biggest loser in this Seimas election has been the Labour Party, having failed to pass the 5% vote barrier. That said, no less a blow was that to the Lithuanian Social Democrat Party (LSDP) which had been dominant in ratings nigh on up to election day. What do the Social Democrats need to do after this loss to Gabrielius LandsbergisConservatives and Ramūnas Karbauskis’ “Peasants”? […]

Algirdas Sysas and Algirdas Butkevičius

ELECTIONS. Social Democrats – better off in the opposition?

As many times before, ratings and prognoses proved to be off the mark in Lithuania. The most hurt by it this time were the coalition parties. The Social Democrats who earned 183,500 votes lost two […]

Seimas elections 2016

Reflecting on pre-ELECTION polling

The Conservatives and “Peasants” obtained better election results than predicted by polls through voter loyalty, low turnout among the Social Democrat electorate and the various scandals surrounding the incumbent coalition government believe sociologists. Polls by […]

Rally against the amendments to the Labour Code in the front of the Government Office

ELECTIONS. Karbauskis repeats – the Labour Code will be amended

The elections haven’t even concluded yet, but the “Peasants” are already promising to work on the Labour Code. Meanwhile business representatives are critical of such plans, while political analysts are sceptical, believing that this is just a continuation of the electoral campaign. […]

Žilvinas Šilėnas

ELECTIONS Promises. Economics – what voting shows

All parties stress the importance of the economy and businesses, pledging to improve conditions in those sectors every election. Various abstract propositions help getting seats in the Seimas. Unfortunately the voting results do not always […]