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Saakashvili’s words about Belarus annexation ungrounded – Lithuanian political scientists

The warnings made by Georgia’s former president Mikheil Saakashvili during a visit in Lithuania on Tuesday about Russia‘s readiness to annex Belarus are not grounded, political scientists say. […]

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Lithuanian view: What to expect from Russia in 2017?

2017 could be the year of Russia’s return – the signs of this were discussed in a Tuesday afternoon discussion organised by the the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (RESC) and VU TSPMI. The political scientists discussed the topic of “What will decide Russian foreign policy in 2017?” It is likely that the government rotation of the West, the resolution of the stalled Syrian conflict and strategic changes to the Russian tone will open opportunities for de-escalation and Putin’s return as a figure that is repulsive for many, but at the same time – an inevitable partner in resolving questions in the international political arena. […]

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Opinion: War as a chance for Ukraine to become a normal state

Ukraine’s social order, characterized by limited access, has been an obstacle in the country’s attempts to create democracy and market economy during its entire post-soviet history. Recent Russian military aggression changed the balance of power within the country and opened a window of opportunity for Ukraine to transform itself from a limited access to open access order. Whether Ukraine will use this opportunity depends on relationship between the president and oligarchs. […]