Foreign Minister Linkevicius awarding Lithuanian Diplomatic Star-to Dr. Richar Maullin  Photo Ludo Segers
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Lithuanian Diplomatic Star awarded to Dr. Richard Maullin

On Sunday evening, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevičius, awarded in Los Angeles the diplomatic start to Dr. Richard Maullin. […]

Unique Jewish heritage site opens in Šeduva. Photo by Arūnas Baltėnas

Unique Jewish heritage site opens in Šeduva

More than two years of work on the restoration and preservation of Jewish heritage in Šeduva were marked in a private ceremony at the town’s recently restored Jewish cemetery (Žvejų gatvė). More than 400 tombstones have been identified and more than 1,300 have been either painstakingly restored or preserved in a tribute to the lives of the thousands of Jews that once comprised the majority of this Lithuanian shtetl. […]

Photo from the archive of Sergey Kanovich

Sergey Kanovich: Holocaust Museum and Holocaust of Memory

What a silly title, I thought after I wrote it. There is no such thing in Lithuania. There was a Holocaust, but there is no museum. It should have been here twenty-five years ago, but it’s still not here. A kind of anniversary. Cynical and macabre. More cynical than the long decades when the word “Holocaust” was not to be pronounced, let alone capitalized… […]

Prometheus Strangling the Vulture - Jacques Lipchitz.    Photo Ludo Segers
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Litvak art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia can lay claim to a few superlatives in art. Probably nowhere are so many paintings by Renoir and sculptures by Jacques Lipchitz on public display within less than 1 square mile but in Philadelphia. Both have a connection to France and Lipchitz life story even leads all the way to Druskininkai in Lithuania. […]

Exhibition opening. Photo courtesy of MFA
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Exhibition “Hello, Paris! The Path of Litvak Artists” opens in London

On 11 November, representatives of the British, Jewish and Lithuanian communities in London attended the opening of the exhibition “Hello, Paris. The Path of Litvak Artists” at Europe House, Lihtuania’s Embassy in London reports. […]

Nadine Gordimer
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Litvak lenses influenced sensibilities of Nobel prize winning author Nadine Gordimer

Earlier this week the media honoured Nadine Gordimer, a Nobel and Man Booker prize winning novelist with a wealth of obituaries. Gordimer died at the age of 90 on 13 July in her native South Africa. Reverent fans and curious new readers peppered social networks with quotations highlighting her defence of human rights and literary bravery in the face of censorship. […]